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INVISA-PRINT™ Security Label Technology

Security Labeling Solutions and Printing Services

The simple, cost-effective way to identify and stop brand theft and counterfeit products!

Is your brand at risk?

Every day hundreds of products are counterfeited from all over the world. Companies that are at risk are not only major Brand name apparel, pharmaceutical, and electronic companies they are in all sorts of different marketplaces and industries.

What is the real cost of counterfeiting?

It is estimated that 7 percent of annual world trade – approximately $600 billion is counterfeit or pirated each year. This directly affects the number of jobs in the US and other developed countries. Counterfeiting effects the world in many ways not thought of – such as child labor violations, human trafficking, money laundering and terrorism. The products are sold illegally and thereby allowing this money to be spent unregulated.

Keep your customers safe.

Death and major sicknesses, fires, and choking from counterfeit drugs and products have and continues to be reported throughout industrialized nations. Your customers are purchasing your products because of many reasons including the sense of security they have by the reputation your company has built through your many years in business.

Increase your brand’s value.

The perceived value of your brand is directly impacted by the increasing amounts of counterfeited products in your markets. Ensure your products sell at a premium. For less than a penny per item or per label, INVISA-PRINT™ security features can be incorporated into your products and their packaging. Call us for our INVISA-PRINT™ printing services.

Incorporate INVISA-PRINT™ security features in your products to ensure your brand does not become diluted by counterfeit products.